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Acco Brands

We at Acco Brands have always striven to create a business that others look to as a measure of quality and integrity. Now we have the opportunity to take this reputation to the next level, embracing sustainability within our business base.

We are calling this move, Taking care of tomorrow.
Taking care of tomorrow is our pledge to you, our colleagues, customers and partners, to look forward to a sustainable and profitable future. And it’s all about the future. If we are to maintain and strengthen our success, sustainability must be at the core of what we do. It’s worth remembering that we have already set a strong precedent for this direction. We have achieved substantial waste reductions in our factories through our Lean efforts.

We received our fist ISO 14001 certification in 1997 and today many of our factories are certified. In addition, we have launched environmentally friendly product ranges across the globe.

So what does Taking care of tomorrow mean for us?
Regarding our products, all our innovation will follow sustainable guidelines based on internationally recognized standards. We will also constantly review our existing products to ensure they are made and perform to their sustainable optimum.

Likewise our systems will be driven by sustainable imperatives, impacting not just what we do but how we do it, from plant machinery to delivery mechanisms.

We are a company of individuals. The part every single one of our employees plays will be crucial to this venture’s success. We will provide tools and support to enable our colleagues to build sustainability into their daily work and make sure the correct guidance and support are in place. We understand that this re-focus of strategy will have implications throughout our supply chain. So we will actively seek out partners with whom we can share our vision and values, while providing every assistance to our existing partners to adapt to our needs.

Follow our yearly sustainable targets and result at our website.