Kyocera Document Solutions Belgium NV

Kyocera Document Solutions Belgium NV

Kyocera Document Solutions clearly profiles itself as a green ecological company, which is reflected in various aspects: waste sorting, reduced packaging waste (without polystyrene foam) from the devices, use of sustainable materials, limited replacement of consumables, etc.

The components that KYOCERA Document Solutions develops for its copiers and printers last a long time and therefore ensure a minimal amount of environmentally harmful waste, since they rarely have to be replaced.

The KYOCERA Environmental Charter applies to the KYOCERA Document Solutions Group. It clearly expresses the concept of this enterprise in working on the global environmental problems to within and without the corporation. KYOCERA Document Solutions Group establishes environmental management basic strategies in according to this Charter.

Promoting business activities that will help build a recycling-oriented society
Create a resource-recycling society through continuous activities to reduce the environmental load
Providing superior products with less environmental impact
Develop and provide more evolved products , longer life and more energy efficient, on the basis of the ECOSYS concept
Establishing environmental management 
Provide environmental education and training to all employees and establish an environmental index management system to implement continuous and profit-yielding environmental management
Strengthening corporate social responsibility activities 
Fulfill social responsibilities as a business enterprise through information disclosure and social contribution activities

The 21st century is expected to make history as the environmental era. KYOCERA recognized early on the burden that business activities can place on the environment and on human life. We have strived to maintain clear vision in pursuing a harmonious balance between economic development and environmental preservation.

In addition to operating under strict, group-wide environmental preservation measures - including ozone layer protection reduction, and energy and resource conservation - it is KYOCERA’s policy to develop products that can actively alleviate existing environmental problems.