Responsible Office welcomes HERMA

Responsible Office welcomes new manufacturer: label manufacturer HERMA

HERMA, a leading manufacturer of self-adhesive labels, was founded in 1906 as the Heinrich Hermann Papierwarenfabrik. This founder had innovative ideas. For example, the invention of the photo corner.
In 1965 the trademark HERMA, with star, was created for products with a self-adhesive gum layer. Customers talked about HERMA when they referred to Heinrich Hermann Papierwarenfabrik, as the company was then officially called.
In the middle of 1969 HERMA officially became the company brand.
HERMA has a wide range of products, manufactured from FSC® and PEFC™ materials. They also have recycled labels with Blue Angel certificate.

Would you like to know more about Herma's sustainability strategy & their sustainable products: