Welcome Royal Talens

Royal Talens
After Armor, Atoma, Aurora, Bic, Brepols, Esselte, Exaclair, Pilot, Papyrus and Staedtler, Responsible Office welcomes Royal Talens.

The history of Royal Talens dates back to the year 1899. In that year, Marten Talens founded the Dutch Paint, Lacker and Ink Factory in Apeldoorn. As a family business, it was initially engaged in the manufacture of office supplies and inks.
For over 100 years, Royal Talens has stimulated worldwide creative expression by developing high-quality products that encourage people to paint and draw.
Queen Wilhelmina was a big fan of Talens. Besides queen, Wilhelmina was artist. With passion and love. She was a painter and felt closely connected with Talens. In 1949 she found that the world had to know this too. She made Talens royal.

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